Passing the Mic Campaign | White Ribbon-Campagnefonds 2020

Met het White Ribbon Campagnefonds steunden we in november en december allerlei leuke activiteiten. Martina Kalcic vertelt over de online campagne van Fairspace. De video’s zijn terug te kijken op het YouTube-kanaal van Fairspace.

For 2020’s 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Based Violence, Fairspace launched our bold “Passing the Mic” campaign, calling on male allies to stand up and speak up against GBV. With this campaign, we created a platform for our male allies to share what stopping GBV means to them. We received 13 videos submissions with personal experiences and powerful messages to be shared on Fairspace’s social media platforms.

Each video centered around participants sharing their thoughts on the intersections of “male,” and “ally.” Common themes included:
• Embedded toxic masculinity
• Making the political personal
• Acknowledgement of male privilege, and;
• Practical tips on intervening in situations of GBV

The aim of the campaign was to lead by example, and to spotlight allies who are already working towards a fair, and violence-free future. The campaign idea was spurned by the motivation to create a safe place for men to reject toxic masculinity. To articulate, to explore, and to solidify their allyship.

We believe that focusing on these men, who represent alternative forms of masculinity, challenging the mainstream, will inspire viewers to consider the problem of GBV, and how they, too, can make a difference.