International guests: involving men around the world

10 May, The Hague: International Event Working with Men for Gender Equality

Our partners from Breaking the cycle will be visiting the Netherlands from 7 -12 may: organizations from India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Samoa and Spain all working with men to prevent violence against women. On Friday May 10th 14 – 16.30h we are organizing an event on international work on gender equality, sexual and reproductive health rights, the prevention of violence against women, and involving men in this work.

You are more than welcome to gain contacts, inspiration and expertise on the ways in which organizations all over the world are working to involve men in the prevention of violence against women. Besides the visiting partners from all over the world, Rutgers, WO=MEN and UN Women, among others, will contribute. We are still finalizing the exact program, and are very much open to contributions and other support. Please contact our event organizer Melissa at

The event will take place at ISS in The Hague, 14 – 16.30h. Afterwards we will have drinks and music. The programme is in English.

Want to join? Please register via this form. More information to follow. Find the Facebookevent here.
Can’t make it? On Wednesday May 8th we also have an event in Amsterdam.

Women’s March 2019

Women’s March 2019

01/04/2019 / by Jessica

On the 9th of March 2019 the Emancipator team joined the Women’s March in Amsterdam, together with thousands of other participants. For me, it felt really powerful to be part of the Women’s March together with Emancipator. It was beautiful to see the diversity in the masses and in their demands but to know that in the end we are all fighting for the same thing – women’s rights and gender equality.

Pictures by Jessica Lehmann and Floor van Schagen