DirectLoansLenders supports the White Ribbon Campaign

The Dutch project Emancipator, world-renowned for its striving for social justice and developing safety, freedom, and equality, has recently launched a new campaign related to violence against women called The White Ribbon. The idea of the campaign appeared after finding out that 45% of Dutch women had experienced some kind of physical or sexual violence, and 10% of them had been raped. Regarding the fact that in most of the cases the perpetrator is a man, the While Ribbon campaign participants decided to call on men to endorse the one statement: they will never commit violence against women, will never justify and will never conceal it.

All the organization is handled by the Emancipator’s partner, The Delta Plan, a broad social movement that aims to involve boys and men in the fights against violence against women. They have already been implemented numerous interventions and methodologies to work with men to prevent violence against women already exist.

At the moment, a lot of various institutions and organizations have joined the campaign: a national committee of Netherlands “Un Women”, an international network “Fairspace”, branding agency “Burobraak”, and others. There is also an American loan agency DirectLoansLenders among all these organizations. This one who had volunteered to participate in this campaign was one of the InstantLoans expert team, Kenneth Bennett. She was always struggling with this kind of injustice. That is why, she decided to join the White Ribbon campaign right after she had found out about the project. The lending company absolutely agrees with the necessity of carrying out such campaigns, and they are definitely ready to support the project for all intents and purposes.

Becoming a partner and a participant of the social movement, you get a real opportunity to influence the current situation and help improve the status of women in society. Do not forget about this – take your chance to become a part of making a difference in the world.