• Emancipator aims for:

    Equal opportunities for men and women

  • Emancipator encourages:

    Men to explore their individuality without being influenced by the current interpretation of masculinity

  • Emancipator aims for:

    New and appropriate interpretations of masculinity

  • Emancipator aims for:

    A realignment of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ qualities

Emancipator is the Dutch organization for men and gender justice and a member of the global MenEngage alliance.

Our mission and objectives

We want to move forward on gender equality justice and objectives. Unequal gender relations are a main cause for many problems in the world. Women have gained in their struggle for empowerment, equality and justice. It’s time for men to act and change in order to become part of the solution.

‘The momentum for men’s involvement in the achievement of gender justice is now’

An approach that focuses on transforming the ideas about masculinity may be more effective to make men part of the solution instead of leaving them to be part of the problem. We believe that both men and women will benefit from gender justice.

Together with other NGO’s around the world we work to create new ideas about gender, masculinity and to learn healthier ways to relate to each other.

Men have a lot to gain by exploring and developing their so-called ‘feminine’ qualities. It can change their lives in a positive way if they allow themselves to take an active part in (child) care and are willing to invest in friendships and relationships. Men are now often in the possession of a lot of unused talents and have a lot to gain in the field of personal growth.

Emancipator specifically focuses on a number of topics, such as violence, labour & care, sexuality and sexual diversity. Read more about our mission and objectives.

On our website, we offer practical recommendations for professionals, organizations and policy makers about the engagement of boys and men in gender justice.

Our projects

Emancipator café

Informal meetings in local cafés, where dialogue about engaging boys and men in gender justice is encouraged. These are open and interactive gatherings, often organized by the visitors themselves.

Men Engage NL/ Europe

Emancipator is born from, and an active member of, the global MenEngage Alliance that connects hundreds of NGO’s and thousands of professionals worldwide.  We are co-coordinator of the European MenEngage (with over 160 members from over 30 countries) and we coordinate the Dutch MenEngage NL network. On all levels, MenEngage works to build stronger networks, to enhance visibility, to foster capacity building, and to work on lobby and advocacy.

IMAGINE: Inspiring Male Action on Gender Equality In Europe 

EU project in collaboration with Men for Gender Equality Sweden and The Great Initiative  from the UK. A pan-European initiative engaging men/boys in eliminating sexual harassment & sexual violence, funded by the EU Rights Equality and Citizenship Programme.

White Ribbon Campaign (men against violence)

Emancipator carries out the Dutch White Ribbon Campaign, engaging boys and men in the prevention of violence against women.