Mission and vision

Emancipator strives for social justice: a sustainable world in which everyone can develop in safety, freedom and equality. This requires both men’s and women’s emancipation.

Unequal gender relations are a main cause for many problems in the world. Women have gained in their struggle for empowerment, equality and justice. It’s time for men to act and change in order to become part of the solution.

How do we work?

Within our themes: work and care, violence and safety, sexuality or sexual diversity, we address gender inequality. We create awareness of the effects of this and explain what men have to gain from more gender equality. And we show what role men can play in solving these emancipation issues.

By conducting projects, intervening and stimulating research on the role of men, we give men more opportunities to care, to stand up against violence, to break down stereotypes and to define their own sexuality.