It is high time for the world to be an equal place for everyone, despite all our differences, and I am going to make my contribution to that. I am Joost (he/him), born and raised in Amsterdam, and I am responsible for Communications, PR and Sales at Emancipator.

As a rugby player you are quickly labelled as tough and masculine, but the great thing about rugby is that respect, discipline and camaraderie are the most important values within the sport. Things like female characteristics or a non-heterosexual orientation are not a problem at all. ‘Come as you are’ fits rugby very well. Something I also carry with me in everyday life.

“What kind of man do you want to be?”, that is the question I am going to ask you. I am going to challenge you to take a closer look at (your) masculinity. And why am I going to do this? Because I truly believe that everyone deserves equal opportunities, the same safe environment and the same amount of love.