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MenEngage Alliance: Working with men and boys for gender equality

MenEngage is an international network of organisations working with boys and men on gender equality. In addition to the global network MenEngage Global Alliance, there are also regional and national networks. Emancipator joined MenEngage since its inception in 2014, was co-coordinator until 2019 and is still active in the steering committee of MenEngage Europe, and hosted the secretariat in 2018 and 2019.

CEDAW- UN women’s convention

In 1991, the Netherlands ratified CEDAW, the UN Women’s Convention. The UN Women Convention Network monitors its implementation in the Netherlands and writes shadow reports to accompany the Netherlands’ quadrennial reports to the UN CEDAW Committee. Emancipator is a member of the UN Women’s Convention Network.

MenCare: Men who care about caring

MenCare is an international campaign for engaged fatherhood. In the Netherlands, Emancipator works to create a network of organisations and professionals to foster caring qualities in men and encourage men towards caring and caring professions.