What we offer

Men’s emancipation touches on many central themes in the lives of young people, adults and the elderly, men, women and others, at school, on the street, in the workplace, in technology and care, in the boardroom, at the caretaker’s and at home on the hoover or nappy pail – in short: everyone’s lives. Yet people are often unaware of this. Awareness of the importance of the emancipation of men can help solve or prevent all kinds of problems.

That is why we offer training, workshops and other interventions for different target groups: schools and other youth groups, professionals and organisations, and companies. In addition, we regularly organise training sessions and weekends for men. Check the agenda or contact us.

With our programmes we offer participants information, inspiration and tools for action. They consist of interactive forms of work that stimulate reflection and, above all, self-experience of how gender and masculinity work. We provide a safe group in which participants can feel free to share experiences and engage in conversations they have often never had before. Emancipator has years of experience with workshops and training on gender and masculinity for all kinds of target groups: from first year students to Heineken and Gillette.

Basically, our sessions are always about the same things: gender in general and masculinity in particular. Within these, we focus on a more specific theme: for example, the prevention of (sexual and/or gender-related) violence, the stimulation of care, paternity or informal care, broadening the perspective of boys and the development of their talents, more room for gender and sexual diversity, healthy development of sexuality, or even more specific topics within this. A lot is possible, we like to think along with you!

Since March 2020, our offer has also been online.

Participants say:

“This weekend has given me many new insights, both personally and professionally.

“Life changing.”

“Intrusive and confronting. Impressed by what I have learned.”

“Has shown me the urgency of discussing these issues”

“I did not know what to expect but it inspired me very much.”

For schools and other youth groups

‘Learned when young is done when old’. That is why we have a programme for young people from age 12 upwards*.

Young people are often not concerned with gender but are at the same time enormously influenced in their choices and in their development by what is expected of them and how they are expected to behave. Boys perhaps even more so than girls. This workshop brings hidden stereotypes to light, shows how masculinity norms work and offers a perspective and an alternative.

For example, we have an intervention on masculinity norms and stereotypes aimed at preventing (sexual) violence. And we have a programme for a broader perspective on boys’ talent development, which can be about providing space for character traits seen as ‘feminine’ and discovering who you are outside oppressive norms, about choosing the education or profession you want without being limited by expectations.

The workshops are given by our experienced peer educators: young men between 18 and 35. They use all kinds of interactive forms of work. So no boring lesson, just join in and exercise.

The workshop takes three hours (or shorter in consultation) and can be given on location or possibly online. Preferably the group consists of boys, but you can also mix and match. Please contact us for more information.

*from mid 2021 even from approx. 8 years!

For professionals and organisations

Does your work pay enough attention to men’s emancipation?

Organisations and professionals working on all kinds of gender-related issues often fail to consider the role of men and masculinity: the importance of men for gender, and of gender for men. While many of the problems you deal with in your work are related to this.

Emancipator offers intensive tailor-made programmes in which we introduce you and your colleagues from all types of organisations to men’s emancipation, make you feel the urgency of it and give you tools to integrate this perspective into your work. This can be about anything: from involving men in the prevention of violence to stimulating engaged paternity, and everything in between and around it.

The programmes are provided by experienced Emancipator trainers, and can cover different topics, long or short, and work with large or small and mixed or men’s groups. In short, always tailor-made, always interactive and always personal. Contact us, we are happy to explore the possibilities.

For companies and organisations

How gender equal is your workplace?

You may have a lot of women in the boardroom, but are men also able to work parttime if they want to? Is your company a safe working environment for everyone? What about the work-life balance? Do your employees take their partner leave? Does everyone in your company have the space to show themselves? Standards and expectations about masculinity play an important role in all these questions, both in management and HR as well as in branding and communication, and in every sector.

Whether you want a better corporate culture for happier employees or are looking for a culture change after reports of inappropriate behaviour, Emancipator is the right place to ask for help. Our interventions give you insight into the role of standards and expectations around masculinity at all sorts of points in your organisation and help you with concrete tools to achieve your goals. Our goal is a safe working atmosphere and an inclusive corporate culture for everyone.

The programmes are provided by experienced Emancipator trainers and can cover anything from paternity leave to #MeToo. The programmes are provided by experienced Emancipator trainers and can discuss various topics, long or short, and work with any target group. In short, always tailor-made, always interactive and always personal. Contact us, we are happy to explore the possibilities.