Onderzoek: Reading Male Skin

Katja Trinkwalder van de Design Academy Eindhoven doet voor haar masterscriptie onderzoek naar mannelijke seksualiteit met een focus op huid: Reading Male Skin. Ze zoekt respondenten die zich identificeren als man. Je kan hier meedoen (survey in het Engels).

This survey takes about 20 min and is part of the master thesis „Reading Male Skin“ at the social design department of Design Academy Eindhoven, primarily aiming at persons identifying as men. The thesis deals with cis-male sexuality, researched from the perspective of the skin, as one of the cornerstones of patriarchal culture is the distinctive reading of skin into female and male. The skin, therefore, functions as a surface of social differentiation. This survey is looking into how men experiencing, living and reflecting their skin. Every story is a valuable source for this research and will be treated without judgment. As this survey deals with very personal topics, your answers will be treated with care and anonymously. Thank you very much for your time and participation!