Fathers Development Programme (multiple services)

Type: training programme
Target group: fathers and expectant fathers
Aim: empower men to become the best fathers they can be
Setting: group setting with some one-to-one sessions
Level: individual, relational / interpersonal, community

The Fathers Development Programme offers a range of services delivered through one-to-one sessions and group support, engaging with men in their caring roles to encourage them to be actively involved in their children’s and families’ lives; offering support and mediation to fathers in crisis. It adopts a strengths-based, gender-transformative approach – working with men to improve self-confidence, develop deeper bonds with their children, and prevent gender-based violence, by expanding the range of tools available to men in responding to societal and personal pressures.

Future Dads antenatal course: offers practical and emotional approaches for new and expectant dads to better take care of themselves, their partner and their baby. This course addresses the increased prevalence of domestic abuse during pregnancy and men’s over-representation in violence perpetrated against newborn babies, serving as a key preventative intervention

Fathers for Futures: offers the ‘Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities’ parenting programme for fathers (or male carers) to help enhance father/child relationships and raise happy, confident children. The 13-week group-work programme promotes positive parenting and healthy relationships between parents, as part of the broader effort of Westminster borough’s drive to produce violence-free communities for all

Future Men also delivers the Domestic Abuse Advisory Hub, together with their Specialist DA Practitioner, embedded within, and in partnership with, a London Local Authority, and other voluntary sector organisations. The Hub provides expertise, advice and guidance to non-specialist professionals working with families affected by domestic abuse. The Hub considers the impact of the abusive parent to identify appropriate interventions, contributing to improved organisational, strategic and cultural understanding of the role of fathers in the lives of their children in child protection cases, specifically where DA is known or suspected. As part of the Hub, Future Men co-facilitate the Caring Dads programme (group intervention programme for men who have abused / neglected / exposed their children to domestic violence)

Intervention name: Fathers Development Programme (multiple services)
Organisation: Future Men
Location: London, United Kingdom
Contact person: Owen Thomas, Fathers Development Programme, Head of Programmes – o.thomas[at]futuremen.org

Future Men is an award-winning specialist charity that supports boys and men along the path to becoming dynamic future men, whilst addressing the stereotypes around masculinity and engaging in the wider conversation of what it means to be a man. Founded in 1988, the organisation encourages boys and men, through its practice-led services, to explore, celebrate and build on the seven characteristics of positive masculinity (resilience, inclusiveness, reflectiveness, empathy, resourcefulness, curiosity, non-violence)