Type: initially a campaign which has since developed into workshops, branding and theatre productions
Target group: men and youth
Aim: raise awareness of harmful notions and stereotypes of masculinity and engage men to challenge these, thereby delivering men’s accountability in ending gender-based violence
Setting: public events, schools, online
Level: individual, relational / interpersonal, institutional / organisational, community

#metachodemacho (translates as “I erase macho”) began as a campaign to raise awareness of prescriptive, harmful notions of masculinity by showing well-known public figures definitively rejecting traditional characteristics and stereotypes associated with ‘real men’. Ten respected and recognised men from a variety of sectors in Navarre served as role models for others, denouncing stereotypes as preventing progress towards an equal society, as well as being damaging to men themselves. 

The campaign launched in 2017 as a YouTube video (in Spanish and Basque) and then, following a warm reception, developed into a series of peer-to-peer workshops and a presence at large-scale events with a typically high male attendance (e.g. sports, concerts, festivals). As part of this campaign, ACT also supports youths in schools to create their own actions (such as theatre productions) addressing the topic, to educate educators.

The campaign has grown into a well-known brand, with many public figures as well as municipalities and schools becoming affiliated, thereby spreading the message of healthy masculinity. Notably, La Federación de Peñas de Pamplona (organisation of the social/cultural groups participating in the events held as part of the annual festival of San Fermin) contacted ACT resulting in an additional YouTube video (in Spanish and Basque) targeting the masses of men converging for San Fermin festival.

Organization: Acción Contra La Trata
Location: Pamplona, Navarra, Spain
Contact person: Alicia Giménez García, Coordinator info[at]accioncontralatrata.com 

Acción Contra La Trata was established in 2015 to focus attention on the issue of human trafficking for sexual exploitation, and its surrounding enabling context, as one of the worst manifestations of gender inequality. The organisation aims to fight trafficking and promote equality. As well as supporting female survivors of trafficking and prostitution, ACT engages with men directly to sensitise how traditional masculinity propels the sexual exploitation market.