Training weekend 2021: 24-26 September in Ubbergen

This year’s training weekend is going to be a live event again! From 24-26 September we will meet in Ubbergen.

The theme is: What kind of man do you want to be to prevent gender-based violence?

During the weekend we will come together with a group of men to talk about gender-based violence, gender and masculinity norms. We discuss how these are connected and what you can do to prevent gender-based violence. After the weekend, you will organise an activity as part of the White Ribbon Campaign, involving men in the prevention of gender-based violence.

Gender-based violence is a huge problem, also in the Netherlands: almost half of the Dutch women will experience sexual or physical violence after the age of 15. In nine out of ten cases, the violence is committed by a man. Not all men are perpetrators, but all men can become part of the solution. Men have a responsibility to speak up and to contribute to changing gender norms. Together we work on change: a world without constricting gender boxes and without violence. During this weekend, we will take the first steps towards this.

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