Our work

Emancipator is working on the emancipation of men. Our work is about preventing violent masculinity, stimulating caring masculinity, and freeing men from traditional masculinity. We do this by transforming norms and expectations of, and from, men.

In a diverse range of projects and networks we link organisations and professionals with each other and with our themes. We give workshops and training to professionals, organisations, companies and individual men (click right for our services). In addition, we stimulate research, campaign and organise all kinds of meetings and events.

In short, we try to convince others of the importance of a clear perspective on the emancipation of men and encourage them to involve boys and men in their work on gender issues.

What we offer

Workshops and training courses for all target groups

We offer a wide range of workshops and training courses about gender and masculinity, focusing on different themes and for all target groups. All our workshops can be customised.


Deltaplan: involving men and boys in the prevention of violence

The ‘Deltaplan’ is a broad social movement of organisations aiming to involve boys and men in the fight against violence against women.
(Following pages in Dutch). With the Deltaplan project we are building on existing organisations, alliances, programmes, networks and interventions, so we can combine our strength and have more impact. From the Deltaplan project we annually organise the White Ribbon Campaign.

White Ribbon Campaign: Stop violence against women

During the White Ribbon Campaign – every year between 25 November and 10 December – we draw attention to gender-based violence and the role of men and masculinity in it. We call on men to speak out and take action to stop violence. From 2020 onwards, we’ll use the slogan ‘Be the (hu)man you wish to see in the world’. What kind of man do you want to be?

Werk.en.de ToekomstTowards equal opportunities and possibilities in employment and training

Werk.en.de Toekomst – a collaboration between Atria, Institute on gender equality and women’s history, Emancipator, the Dutch Women’s Council (NVR) and VHTO, National expert organization on girls/women and science/technology – is committed to breaking gender stereotyping in education and the labour market and improving opportunities to reconcile work, care and learning.

MenCare: Men caring about care

MenCare is an international campaign for committed paternity. In the Netherlands, Emancipator is working together with a network of organisations and professionals to promote caring qualities in men and encouraging men towards care and caring professions.

IMAGINE: Inspiring Male Action on Gender Inequality in Europe

Between 2016 and 2018, we developed the IMAGINE Toolkit together with partner organisations in Sweden and the United Kingdom. Since then, our peer educators have been giving workshops to boys on gender, masculinity and the prevention of (sexual) violence.

EquiTeens: Promotion of gender equality and non-violent relationships for young teenagers

EquiTeens is a cooperation between organisations in Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Austria and the Netherlands. We are working on a toolkit to promote gender equality and combat harmful gender stereotypes among young teenagers in order to prevent gender-based violence.

Vaders onder Druk (fathers under pressure): prevention of domestic violence in Rotterdam 

For ‘Vaders onder Druk’ we work together with Dona Daria, SPIOR and Skin Rotterdam. We are organising a variety of activities for Rotterdam fathers to give them an outlet and teach them how to deal with stress. In this way we hope to prevent domestic violence and child abuse.

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Mannenberaad (Men’s Council): The conversation no one else is having

The Mannenberaad project was initiated during the first corona-lockdown, in order to offer men a place where they can easily seek advice and advice. By tackling small problems early, we can prevent them from growing too big. With Mannenberaad we offer help without calling it help.

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MenEngage Alliance: Working with men and boys for gender equality

MenEngage is an international network of organisations working with boys and men on gender equality. In addition to the global network MenEngage Global Alliance, there are also regional and national networks. Emancipator has been a member of MenEngage since it was founded in 2014.

CEDAW: UN Convention on Women

In 1991, the Netherlands ratified CEDAW, the UN Women’s Convention. The UN Women’s Convention Network monitors its implementation in the Netherlands and writes shadow reports on the Netherlands’ four-yearly reports to the UN’s CEDAW Committee. Emancipator is a member of the UN Women’s Convention Network.

Previous projects

Alliantie Genderdiversiteit (Gender diversity Alliance 2019-2020)

The ‘Alliantie Genderdiversiteit’ was a collaboration between Doetank PEER, Rutgers, Movie and Emancipator. The project brought together dozens of Dutch organisations working to increase acceptance of gender diversity and combat gender stereotypes. In 2019 and 2020, we organised four brainstorms and four knowledge hubs on various topics related to gender.

Breaking the Cycle: Engaging men and boys for promoting gender equality and ending violence against women (2019)

Together with partners from India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Samoa and Spain, we worked on involving men in the prevention of gender-based violence. For the opening ceremony we were in Samoa, for a seminar we visited Delhi, in the Netherlands we organised a study visit, in Sri Lanka we got a train-the-trainer and in Spain we ended the project with a big event.

Handelingsperspectief Mannenemancipatie (2016) (Action perspectives for men’s emancipation)

The ‘Handelingsperspectief Mannenemancipatie’ is a collection of information, infographics and concrete tools and recommendations for professionals, organisations and policy makers to promote men’s emancipation. It has been developed as part of the project ‘Mannenemancipatie 2.0’ (2014-2016).

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Mannenemancipatie 2.0 (2014-2016)

With this project, we worked on the further development, strengthening and facilitation of the Man 2.0 network, now MenEngage NL, international exchange of expertise and experience on men’s emancipation, and the development of an action perspective on men’s emancipation for policymakers, organisations and professionals.

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