English e-book now available! Why Feminism Is Good For Men

We are proud to finally present to you the English version of the book: Why Feminism Is Good For Men! After being published in Dutch, Arabic, German and Korean the book is now also available in English as e-book. You can buy it on Amazon.

Why Feminism Is Good for Men

What can men do to make this a better world – and what’s in it for them?

‘I am a feminist and I think feminism is good for men.’ That’s Jens van Tricht, engaging boys and men in gender justice in the Netherlands. Over the past century, women have successfully demanded access to domains once exclusively reserved for men, but there has been conspicuous silence around the emancipation of men. And yet men, too, are hampered by gender inequality. Because ‘real men’ are supposed to be tough, self- confident, strong and self-reliant. They have to work hard, aren’t allowed to cry or show any vulnerability. The harness of masculinity impedes men of developing their full human potential and has disastrous personal and social consequences.

Why Feminism Is Good For Men offers a fresh, hopeful perspective on men and masculinity. It shows how men can contribute to a better world, and what they stand to gain from doing that. Van Tricht has written a provocative plea for a more encompassing humanity: the freedom of every person to break loose of constricting expectations and to make the most of his or her talents.

‘This book is a must-read for every man, and for the women who care about them. It offers an inspiring and insightful discussion of men’s lives, gender inequalities, and feminism. Jens van Tricht’s message is both hopeful and accessible.’ – Professor Michael Flood, author of Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention

‘An important contribution to the literature on men’s involvement in gender equality, this is a personal and very readable account of the importance of this work, and the challenges of carrrying it out in practice, from someone who has dedicated much of his life to doing just that.’ – Nikki van der Gaag, author of Feminism and and gender consultant

Jens van Tricht (1969) studied women’s studies at the University of Amsterdam and specialized in ‘men and masculinities’. He is the founder of Emancipator, the Dutch organisation for men and gender justice. He is also a board member of the MenEngage Global Alliance.

Why feminism is good for men is available in Arabic, Dutch, English, German and Korean.