MenEngage works globally with boys and men to involve them in achieving gender equality. On this page you will find more information about MenEngage Global Alliance, MenEngage Europe and MenEngage NL.

Joint MenEngage Alliance statement about Iran

Read the MenEngage statement about the demonstrations in Iran here

MenEngage Europe statement on the war in Ukraine

Statement MenEngage Europe about the events in Cologne

MenEngage Global Alliance

MenEngage Global Alliance is the name for the global alliance of organizations working with men and boys towards more gender equality in the world. This alliance has over 600 member organisations around the world, including UN partners. With national and regional networks, they want to speak with one voice about the need to involve men and boys in gender equality, addressing all forms of violence, human rights and masculinity constructions.

The MenEngage Alliance has 6 regional networks: in North America (NAME), Latin America, the Caribbean (CARIMAN), Africa, Asia and Europe (MenEngage Europe).

MenEngage Europe

MenEngage Europe (MEE) is one of 6 regional networks of MenEngage and has been working for 10 years to involve boys and men in Europe in achieving gender equality. MenEngage Europe originated in 2009 during a meeting with interested parties in Stockholm. In 2014 the first official membership meeting took place in Zagreb. Since then, the network has undergone many developments: membership growth (currently 80 members from 30 countries), various activities at national level, national and international cooperation, campaigns, me-too dialogues and more. MenEngage Europe has written a statement in which the members strongly condemn the events in Cologne at the end of 2015 (sexual harassment of women during New Year’s Eve).

In Europe, national MenEngage networks are also emerging, such as MenEngage Belgium/Flanders and MenEngage Spain. Check out the members block for a profiles document with more information about these networks. Here you will also find the other members 80 members of MenEngage Europe; as many members as possible are included in the document.

New Steering Committee since 21 October 2018. From left to right:

Laxman Belbase (MenEngage Global Alliance) representing Sandy Ruxton (consultant), Lena Wallquist (MÄN), Besnik Leka (Care International Balkans), Leila Younis (Status M), Markus Theunert (männer), Sé Franklin (Men’s Development Network), Jens van Tricht (Emancipator), David Kiuranov (Association Roditeli), Anna McKenzie (European Network for the Work with Perpetrators of Domestic Violence (WWP EN), Katrien van der Heyden (Nesma Consulting and MenEngage Network Belgium), Teresa Schweiger (Poika).

Find more information about MenEngage Europe’s Steering Committee members on the right.

MenEngage NL

MenEngage NL is the Dutch branch of the MenEngage Alliance, a worldwide alliance of organisations that work with boys and men towards gender equality, women’s emancipation and a better world, also for themselves. MenEngage NL connects Dutch organisations, professionals and individuals who work for men and emancipation. MenEngage NL has its origins in the Oranje Fonds programme Network Man 2.0.

MenEngage NL aims to critically and constructively question role patterns in order to achieve just gender relations and a just society.

MenEngage NL offers members of the network: expertise about men’s emancipation, inspiration and network meetings, a training programme with various theme modules, lobbying activities and publicity for the theme of men and emancipation.

Can you relate to this, do you work with boys, men and emancipation and/or do you want to be part of a network with organisations, professionals and individuals involved in men’s emancipation? Then join  MenEngage NL. We invite you to get to know us and see what contribution you can make to the network. By registering for the MenEngage NL network, you subscribe to the principles on the right.

Core principles MenEngage NL

Just and equal sexual relationships

The belief that men should be involved in the pursuit of just and equal sexual relations, together with women.

Stopping violence

To question and criticize violent versions of masculinity and thus engaging men and boys in the fight against violence against women and girls.

Encouraging men to participate in care

To promote a more equal participation of men and boys in care, child care and domestic chores.

Men can become allies to women

Mobilising men and boys as allies to women and women’s organisations in achieving equal opportunities for women and girls.

The promotion of sexual diversity

Promoting ideas and expectations of men and masculinity that secure sexual diversity and sexual and reproductive rights of everyone.

Act up against sexism and discrimination

Proactively argue and act up against sexism, social exclusion, homophobia, racism and other forms of discriminatory behaviour against women or homo/bisexual/transgender men and women, or discriminatory behaviour focused on other factors.