White Ribbon Campaign fund

Are you organising an activity to get boys and men involved in the prevention of gender-based violence and do you need a financial contribution for its implementation? Make an application to the White Ribbon Fund!

Your event

Your event/activity will focus on the question: What kind of man do you want to be in order to prevent gender-based violence? Your event engages boys and men in the prevention of gender-based violence. In any way you can.

The activity doesn’t have to be big and compelling. You could, for example, organise a film evening, a discussion or online meeting with friends, a pizza evening, a meeting with colleagues, a pub quiz, a presentation, a fashion show, a debate evening, a street interview, an online campaign, a party, a theme evening, a master class, a book club, a discussion evening, a theme breakfast, or a photo series.

Need more inspiration? Have a look at what activities were organised in 2018, 2019, 2020, en 2021.

Tip: If corona upsets your plans, think of a plan B. And, of course, always adhere to the current corona measures.

How does it work?

You can apply to the fund using the form at the bottom of this page. You can do so until 10 October. The application should include a description of what you are going to do, how it will contribute to involving men in the prevention of violence, and what you will do with the money.

Emancipator will assess whether your application fits the stipulations listed below and decide whether it will be awarded or not, or if it will be awarded under certain conditions. A committee of experienced stakeholders will review all the plans, they’ll provide you with tips and points of consideration. We will let you know whether your application has been granted by 31 October at the latest.

Then you can get to work. Your activity / event should take place before 31 December 2021. Within two weeks after your activity and no later than 14 January 2022, you have to send us a report and a photo. Declarations of expenses should also be sent within this time frame.

If your declaration is approved, we will transfer the money to you within two weeks. In exceptional cases and in consultation, if it is not feasible to advance the costs of your activity, you can receive (part of) the costs in advance.

You can view the declaration form here (subject to change).

Small and large applications

Small requests: up to €100

For small applications, we have simplified the declaration process. For amounts up to €100, all you have to do is upload a simple claim form, a picture of your activity and picture of your receipts, fill in how many men you reached and write a short report.

Large requests: €100 to €1000

For large applications, we ask for a more extensive report. You need to submit a complete financial overview that includes co-financing.

Applications in-kind

Would you like to use an IMAGINE workshop, a train-the-trainer or another Emancipator intervention in your activity? For a group of young people or professionals? That is also possible: you can request workshops and trainings from us in-kind. Please fill in the form below with what you have in mind, for which group and how many participants, when approximately and where, and we will contact you about the possibilities.

White Ribbon Campaign

Annually, we use the White Ribbon Campaign to draw attention to gender-based violence and the role of men and masculinity in it. We call on men to speak out and take action to prevent violence. Because violence is a men’s issue and a masculinity problem. To stop violence we need to change attitudes about masculinity. This year’s campaign is centred around the question “What kind of man do you want to be to prevent gender-based violence?”


  • Max. €1000 application, up to €100 easier to declare
  • 7-9 October 2022 training weekend – participation is a big plus!
  • 1 August – 20 November submit your application
  • within 3 weeks: reaction on your request
  • 11 December: last day for your activity
  • Two weeks after your activity, at the latest 18 December: deadline report and declaration
  • If your application is granted, you will receive all forms, logos, and further instructions
  • Application form at the bottom of this page!

Terms and conditions of use of the fund


  • Your activity fits the White Ribbon Campaign. It aims to make boys and men part of the solution. For example, by focusing on the role of boys and men in preventing violence, by calling men to action, by problematising masculinity norms, etc.
  • The activity does not reproduce sexual or gender norms that contribute to violence against girls and women, for example, double sexual standards, victim blaming, men as perpetrators and women as victims, men as knights in shining armour, etc.
  • If your activity explicitly addresses intersecting inequalities or intersectionality, this is an advantage for funding. Participation in the training weekend is also an advantage.


  • In communication about your activity it should be made clear that your activity is financed with (co-)funding from the White Ribbon Campaign Fund. Mention the name and use the logo of the White Ribbon Campaign and Emancipator.
  • On social media, tag Emancipator in messages about your activity, and use the hashtags #whiteribbon and #watvoormanwiljijzijn.


  • Your activity is not for profit.
  • The amount you ask for is proportionate to the expected impact of your activity and the expected reach. We encourage you to organise small, concrete activities and apply for small amounts.
  • The amount awarded on the basis of your application and budget is a maximum; ultimately, the amount you claim will be paid, not the amount awarded.
  • Co-financing is a plus and can also take the form of a time investment, from you or an organisation.

Accountability and reporting

  • You send us a claim form and the supporting documents of all the payments you declare.
  • In order to pay the grant, we need the original receipts/invoices/payment receipts (!). If payment receipts are missing or incorrect, we cannot pay out. Please note: a screenshot of your bank transfer is not a proof of payment.
  • If you have included a fee in the budget for your own efforts or hours with your application, you will send us an invoice for this, but only after consultation with us.
  • You yourself are responsible for a correct final account.
  • You are allowed to pay out volunteer allowances from the subsidy, provided it is in proportion to the hours worked, but only if it is administratively correct: with a volunteer agreement and a time registration, and only organisations can pay out volunteer allowances. Volunteers may receive a maximum of €5 per hour, a maximum of €180 per month and a maximum of €1800 per year.
    An administratively much easier alternative is to give people a compensation in the form of a gift voucher, which you then declare to us. Please contact us if in doubt.
  • If you are claiming invoices (for example, if you have hired someone to do something for your activity and that person sends you an invoice) make sure that the name on the invoice (i.e. the person to whom the invoice is addressed) is the same as the name of the person submitting the claim form.
  • If you declare declaration forms (for example, if you have deployed volunteers on behalf of your organization who declare hours or costs incurred to you or your organisation), then the payment receipts declared do not have to be included with those declaration forms: they fall under your responsibility.


  • You adhere to these conditions, the instructions for declaring, deadlines and other agreements.
  • Emancipator reserves the right not to pay claims if stipulations under which a grant has been promised are not met.
  • Emancipator and its employees are exempt from applying to the fund. However, people who are involved in Emancipator as volunteers or in any other unpaid capacity can apply.

Make an application!

In this form, you can submit an application. Please read the conditions above carefully.

Questions or remarks? Please contact Hannah.

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